Shred-Tech MDS-1S-58 Shred Truck

  • CDL required
  • Up to 5,500 lbs./hr. throughput
  • Up to 21,000 lbs. legal payload
  • Shredder rated at 75HP
  • Tandem axle
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Shred-Tech MDS-1S-58 Shred Truck

Improving the overall quality and performance of your fleet is easier with the addition of the Shred-Tech® MDS-1S-58 Shred Truck. Acquiring this vehicle can allow you to experience optimized shredding capabilities without any interruption to your workflow or cash flow. As one of the most reliable solutions available in the shredding industry, the MDS-1S-58 is engineered with a 58,000 lb. GVW chassis and features a high-quality single-shaft shredder that effectively rips through confidential documents with practiced ease. Being one of our largest shred truck options, the MDS-1S-58 provides a heavy-duty payload of 20,000 lbs., requiring less trips to the facility while offering more opportunities to generate revenue.

The MDS-1S-58 is a high-powered machine that is more than capable of handling bulky loads with greater efficiency. The truck is equipped with an ST-15H solid single-shaft shredder and features a throughput of up to 5,500 lbs. per hour. The body of the truck itself is a durable beast that can withstand the challenges of regular travel. It’s made from all stainless steel with an FRP gel coat to keep it looking fresh and professional so that you can maintain the integrity of your company’s image. The truck also features small and bright LED clearance lights that do not crack easily like incandescent lights. A solid vehicle, this shredding truck requires a CDL to operate, ensuring that you only allow professionals behind the wheel. With a standard two-year limited warranty, you have peace of mind in case anything happens to the vehicle.

Standard Accessories for the MDS-1S-58

Shred-Tech®’s high-quality MDS-1S-58 is engineered with a variety of standard accessories that are designed to improve the overall performance of the entire shredding truck and enhance your shredding capabilities. Our engineers have carefully planned and designed every part of the truck to contribute to the shredding process, including an effective shredder, a durable auger compactor, a detailed control panel, and a solid bin tunnel, among others. Added together, these necessary and reliable components help create the dependable and efficient MDS-1S-58 shred truck.

ST-15H Shredder

The high-performance of the MDS-1S-58 Shred Truck is achieved through the proven strength of our ST-15H shredder. Made with exceptional strength in mind, the shredder is built from cast aluminum for optimal power without the burden of weighted steel. This shredder has a throughput of 5,500 lbs. per hour, allowing you to tear apart paper in bulk for maximum efficiency. This high-quality machine is designed with durable hub knives that are sharp enough to effectively rip through the load until only tiny, unintelligible scraps are left behind. It also features high-strength alloy shafts along with two all-new patent pending features: cast-in cleaning fingers and a bridgeless vibrating feed hopper. These innovations are included to increase the overall performance and reliability of the shredder, working to make the process as effortless on your end as we can.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading

Shred-Tech® engineers have designed our MDS-1S-58 to outperform in efficiency and reliability for maximum ROI. The auger compactor is designed to transfer the shredded remains of the documents into the storage compartment for cleaner and more efficient management. The shredding truck also features an automatic walking floor unloading system that can unload a truck filled with paper in under five minutes. This means that you spend less time at the facility and more time out there on the streets generating more revenue for your company.

Bin Tunnel

Shred-Tech®’s proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper is a bin tunnel loading system that provides your operators with quick and effortless loading of industry standard containers. This strong bin tunnel can lift any 64-gallon and 96-gallon bin with ease and can be easily controlled from the control panel. The tunnel is designed to extend out from the side of the vehicle without exceeding the height of the truck. By containing the tunnel, it protects the load from wind or rain. There is also no chance of the bin falling off of the lift, possibly injuring a worker. This staple safety feature can help reduce risks.


The control panel is a state-of-the-art Plus+1 micro-control system with advanced intelligence that helps with monitoring and managing the shredding process. The panel has access to two cameras: one above the shredder and one in the payload compartment. This panel also features digital gauges, pin counters, a standard product destruction mode, job timer, automatic bin counter, and much more. Another unique feature of our shredding truck is parallel ignition. Easy and safe to operate, the key can be left in the cab or at the parallel ignition, which allows you to put the key in the auxiliary position from outside of the cab. This means that the truck can be remotely started from the control panel.

Optional Accessories for the MDS-1S-58

In order to fully meet your requirements and help seamlessly integrate this new truck into your fleet, our MDS-1S-58 is available with your choice of several optional accessories. We offer a backup camera system, hard drive shredder, convenient front cart storage, and much more to create a vehicle perfectly suited to your applications and requirements. Our engineering experts and sales team are ready to provide you with more information on how Shred-Tech® can help improve your shredding fleet for maximum profit and return on your investment.

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard

The backup camera with stainless-steel guard is a popular choice that has proven to be incredibly beneficial to our customers. It increases safety and security while out on the job by improving visibility when the driver is maneuvering the oversized vehicle. This is exceptionally useful when handling a truck this size. The camera’s durable stainless-steel guard protects the outside of the device from the elements or physical impact.

Data Destruction

Through the installation of Shred-Tech®’s ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder on the MDS-1S-58, you can add an additional revenue stream for your business by ensuring optimized destruction of highly classified and confidential documents. It can be added to the truck for an additional revenue stream for your business. Fast and effective, this type of shredder can tear apart a hard drive in 5 seconds right in front of your customer, offering undeniable peace of mind. The self-contained and easy-to-operate shredder has a throughput of 750 hard drives per hour.

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce payload.

Front Cart Storage

The Front Cart Storage option for the MDS-1S-58 is designed with convenience in mind. It creates a storage area so that you can store your 64-gallon and 96-gallon bins or any extra empty file boxes separately, allowing you to take full advantage of the truck’s space. This storage option allows for passenger side access to help save time and effort while out on the job.