Shred-Tech MDS-2S-26 Shred Truck

  • Non-CDL in most states
  • Up to 7,000 lbs./hr. throughput
  • Up to 8,135 lbs. legal payload
  • High-performance 114HP ST-15H Shredder
  • 250HP Chassis
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Shred-Tech MDS-2S-26 Shred Truck

As one of our most popular shred truck options for shredding companies looking to scale, grow, or optimize their business, the Shred-Tech® MDS-2S-26 Shred Truck offers the perfect blend of high-performance capabilities with a compact design that can be driven anywhere. Thanks to its 26,000 lb. GVW chassis, this truck doesn’t require a CDL license to operate and drive, meaning the barrier to entry is as low as possible to get this shred truck up and running in your fleet immediately. This is also ideal for entrepreneurs and start-ups who need a quality and reliable shred truck that can generate revenue right away without the need for additional training or certification. The smaller vehicle size also grants one major advantage over other larger trucks: the ability to maneuver in congested city streets! This opens a wider customer base and can help you generate more revenue. The high-performance shredder on the MDS-2S-26 allows for an impressive throughput of up to 7,000 lbs. per hour for high-speed shredding that can get you quickly from one job site to the next without long waits, while a payload of 8,135 lbs. offers plenty of time out shredding materials before returning to a facility for unloading. This shred truck is engineered and built specifically for optimized document destruction and paper shredding from the largest manufacturer of shredding equipment in North America so you can have full confidence as well as credibility with your customers for years to come. With a two-year limited warranty, you can have peace of mind while using this truck to its fullest potential.

Standard Accessories for the MDS-2S-26

Beyond just simple specs, Shred-Tech® offers a complete assortment of accessories that come standard with the MDS-2S-26 Shred Truck. From a heavy-duty, dependable shredder to a quick auger compactor, easy unloading system, convenient bin tunnel, and simple yet comprehensive control panel, we’ve taken great care in outfitting this shred truck with only top-quality components, accessories, and features to enhance efficiency, ensure reliability, and maximize your return on investment with higher profits. These standard features give you a leg up on your competitors as you take more jobs per day and build trust with your customers. With the MDS-2S-26, you don’t just have a quality shred truck, you have the key to scalability and business optimization.

ST-15H Shredder

The MDS-2S-26 Shred Truck is engineered and manufactured with the optimal blend of performance and usability in mind, and this is partly achieved by the high speeds and durability of the ST-15H shredder that comes standard with it. Thanks to its super-tough cast aluminum build, this shredder remains relatively lightweight compared to steel while providing dependable strength. A lower weight allows for a greater payload and generally easier mobility, especially in metropolitan areas where larger trucks have more difficulty. Lasting strength, performance, and durability is further achieved thanks to sharp hub knives and high-strength alloy shafts, as well as two brand new patent-pending innovations: cast-in cleaning fingers and a bridgeless vibrating feed hopper, which offer even greater efficiency as the documents and paper material are fed easily into the shredder. With a throughput of up to 7,000 lbs. Per hour, you get high efficiency shredding that helps you move from one job site to the next, allowing you to service more customers in a day and drive profits. These qualities make the MDS-2S-26 a great choice when you need high reliability and speed.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading

With the angled design of the auger compactor and the sheer speed and ease of use of the moving floor unloading system, Shred-Tech® has pushed the MDS-2S-26 Shred Truck to even further efficiency. The auger smoothly transfers the shredded material into the storage compartment during the shredding process while the auto unloading system can empty a max payload of 8,135 lbs. in under five minutes. Time spent unloading at the facility is drastically reduced to get the driver back on the road to the next job site and generating more revenue.

Bin Tunnel

Thanks to Shred-Tech®’s proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper® system, shredding with the MDS-2S-26 has never been easier! Quickly and easily operated from the control panel, the bin tunnel extends smoothly out from the from side of the truck without exceeding its height and provides a fully enclosed area that accommodates all industry standard containers. The enclosed nature of the bin tunnel protects the bins from the elements, thus ensuring that confidential information is protected at all times to give your customers complete peace of mind. Further, the design of the bin tunnel provides a higher level of safety for the operator as the bin won’t fall off the lift and cause injury.


Shred-Tech® designed and developed the powerful Plus+1® micro-control system to provide full control and monitoring of the shredding process for optimal speed and safety. Included with this state-of-the-art control system are a range of useful features, such as a job timer, an automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, and Predictive Idle with auto shutdown to name a few. Unlike older analog control panels, the Plus+1® micro-control system offers a superior level of control and precision so you can have complete confidence while operating the MDS-2S-26 Shred Truck. The entire shredding process can be viewed via the two cameras above the shredder and in the payload compartment. For easy, safe, and remote engine start, the control panel also features a handy parallel ignition, which is unique to Shred-Tech® trucks. The key can either be left in the cab or placed in the auxiliary position from outside the cab, thus removing the need for two separate keys. Thanks to the Plus+1® micro-control system, operating your own MDS-2S-26 is fast and easy so you can focus on getting the job done.

Optional Accessories for the MDS-1S-26

On top of the high-quality standard accessories that come with your MDS-2S-26, you have the choice to include a wide range of optional accessories that can optimize this shred truck for your particular needs and applications. Customizing your shred truck can allow you to add such features as a backup camera, data destruction shredder, front cart storage, and more to improve safety and security, add an extra revenue stream, or improve convenience respectively. For further information on more optional accessories and how Shred-Tech® can help you turn the standard MDS-2S-26 into a customized shredding beast, contact one of our experts today and they’ll help create a tailored truck for you!

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard

Choose the optional backup camera option with stainless-steel guard if you’re looking for easier maneuverability and added safety when operating the MDS-2S-26. As our most popular optional accessory, the backup camera not only makes reversing the shred truck safer, but more convenient as well. To ensure optimal durability and to protect this camera from both the weather and impact, the backup camera comes surrounded with a super-strong stainless-steel guard.

Data Destruction

By choosing to include Shred-Tech®’s ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder to your MDS-2S-26 Shred Truck, you can add an additional revenue stream to your business and draw in more customers. Designed to quickly and thoroughly shred hard drives and solid-state drives, the Data Destruction Shredder gives your customers complete peace of mind that their data is permanently destroyed and cannot be retrieved or reconstructed. Only physical destruction methods like shredding can achieve this, and so the ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder can be used effectively with a throughput of up to 750 hard drives per hour, or up to 1,000 solid-state drives per hour, which equates to 12.5 and 16.6 drives per minute respectively.

The Data Destruction Shredder can be quickly and easily accessed and operated via the powerful Plus+1® micro-control system panel on the side of the truck. The ST-5 Mobile can even be run simultaneously with the paper shredder for maximum efficiency and shredding power!

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce payload.

Front Cart Storage

Include front cart storage with your shred truck for additional convenience and ease-of-access to carts while out on the job. This separate storage compartment accommodates 64- & 96-gallon carts as well as file boxes and allows passenger side access. Adding this feature can help save you the hassle of trying to transport your own cart to the job site.