Shred-Tech MDX-1-33 Shred Truck

  • CDL required
  • Normal mode throughput of up to 7,000 lbs./hr.
  • High-Security mode throughput of up to 2,500 lbs./hr.
  • Up to 13,300 lbs. legal payload
  • Patent Pending High-Security dual mode shredding system
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Shred-Tech MDX-1-33 Shred Truck

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current fleet or you want to successfully grow and expand your shredding business, the Shred-Tech® MDX-1-33 Shred Truck is engineered to provide you with optimized shredding performance that both you and your customers can trust. This shredding truck is a cost-effective, reliable, and competitively priced solution that is made to withstand the constant demands of the industry. It is manufactured with a 33,000 lb. GVW chassis and a legal payload of up to 13,300 lbs. This heavy-duty shred truck is an excellent addition to your shredding company as a way to increase shredding capacity and performance while also offering reliable security to your clients. Your business can continue to experience an increase in workflow and cashflow once you include this high-quality vehicle into your lineup.

Designed to provide optimized security, the MDX-1-33 Shred Truck is equipped with our revolutionary dual mode shredding system. The ST-15H Shredder is designed with a unique high-security two stage/chamber unit that allows the operator to switch between two different modes. The standard mode has the shredder operating with a throughput of 7,000 lbs. per hour that can slice up your clients’ documents with ease. High security mode can be engaged from the control panel, which activates the second chamber with a throughput of 2,500 lbs. per hour. This mode effectively reduces the documents into unreadable scraps to ensure absolute destruction. The shredding truck itself is engineered for durability with an all-stainless-steel frame that can withstand the elements and daily industry demands. It also features an FRP gel coating that gives the truck a more professional look. The MDX-1-33 Shred Truck requires a CDL to operate, so you can entrust the vehicle to professionally certified drivers only.

Standard Accessories for the MDX-1-33

In order to experience optimized shredding performance, our engineers made sure to install a number of high-quality and reliable standard accessories onto the MDX-1-33 Shred Truck. Each of these components is designed to enhance the quality of the shredding system, making the job smoother and easier for the operators. The truck features our revolutionary dual mode ST-15H Shredder for maximum high security along with a durable bin tunnel, easy-to-use control panel, and smooth auger compactor and automatic unloading system.

ST-15H Shredder

The MDX-1-33 Shred Truck is equipped with a revolutionary dual mode shredder. It can be switched between standard mode and high security mode with a push of a button. With standard mode, it has a throughout of up to 7,000 lbs. per hour while in high security mode has a throughput of up to 2,500 lbs. per hour, reducing the already shredded material into an incredibly small DIN-certified shred size. This shredder is composed of 36 knives that are 5/8” thick, which allows them to render confidential information into unreadable scraps for your clients. The shredder also features two patent-pending innovative designs: cast-in cleaning fingers and bridgeless vibrating feed hopper. When the shredder doesn’t detect enough pressure, it will automatically feed itself by vibrating the upper portion of the hopper to move more material into the shredder. These vibrations are isolated to the upper portion of the hopper so that they do not affect the rest of the vehicle.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading

The twin-screw angled auger compactor is designed to smoothly and cleanly distribute the scraps of paper from the shredder into the storage compartment. Then the automatic walking floor unloading system works to empty the truck of all shredded remains in under five minutes. Both of these features are designed to work together to ensure maximum payload of up to 13,000 lbs. and rapid discharge of shredded materials in a few minutes. This means that your workers are spending less time in the facility dumping shreds and more time on-route shredding paper and generating revenue.

Bin Tunnel

This shredding truck is equipped with our proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper® loading system. Our engineers have designed this system to allow for easy ground or curb level loading of any industry standard container, offering smoother transfer of the documents into the hopper. Shred-Tech® was the first company to offer a retractable bin tunnel, and this one is designed to work flawlessly with the Gripper Tipper®. The tunnel extends out from the side of the truck without exceeding the vehicle’s height and is contained to protect the customers’ secured information from wind or rain during the loading process. It also helps provide a safer working environment since there is no risk of the bin falling from the lift.


Shred-Tech®’s state-of-the-art Plus+1® micro-control system with advanced intelligence is powerful enough to keep you in full control over the entire shredding process. Not only does it let you monitor the documents as they’re being shredded, but it also features a job timer, an automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, and more. It has two cameras: one installed above the shredder and one in the storage compartment so your customers can see the destructive power of the shredder for themselves. The control panel also allows the operator to control the Gripper Tipper® and switch between standard and high security shredding mode. The system is designed to communicate with the truck chassis to provide real-time information along with system performance data. It can even individually actuate each system component in maintenance mode.

Optional Accessories for the MDX-1-33

Shred-Tech®’s team of engineers has also created a number of optional accessories that can be added onto the MDX-1-33 Shred Truck in order to help increase its performance. These accessories are designed for convenience as well as for adding another stream of revenue to your business. Each component is engineered for optimal support and maximum strength for your shredding system. Shred-Tech® experts are available 24/7 for information on even more optional accessories you can use to create a custom shred truck that improves the growth of your business, so call today!

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard

The MDX-1-33 Shred Truck is a large vehicle that can sometimes be difficult to maneuver in certain situations. The backup camera with stainless-steel guard is an excellent addition to the truck in order to increase safety and security. Once installed, the camera gives the driver better visibility while backing up the vehicle, and the camera is contained within a stainless-steel guard that effectively protects the lens from impact as well as the elements.

Data Destruction

Because hard drive destruction is one of the fastest growing segments in the information destruction industry, we recommend you get the ST-5 Mobile Hard Drive Shredder installed onto the MDX-1-33 Shred Truck to add an additional revenue stream to your business. This high-quality shredder can rip a hard drive into shreds in under five seconds. With that kind of speed, it can make adding data destruction to your services a highly lucrative choice. The shredder has a throughput of 750 hard drives per hour and a throughput of 1,000 solid state drives per hour. It can be installed onto your new Shred-Tech® truck or retrofitted onto an existing truck.

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce the truck’s payload.

Front Cart Storage

With the addition of the front cart storage to the MDX-1-33 Shred Truck, you can work with an increased amount of room within the vehicle for bin storage and transport. This new space is wide enough to accommodate your 64- or 96-gallon industry standard bin containers along with any leftover file boxes. With passenger side access, this addition can help save your workers plenty of time and effort.