Shred-Tech MDS-3S-33 Shred Truck

  • CDL Required
  • Up to 8,500 lbs./hr. throughput
  • Up to 14,000 lbs. legal payload
  • High-performance 114HP ST-15H Shredder with Variable Speed Motor
  • Automatic shredder torque, horsepower, and shaft RPM adjustments for faster processing and fewer reversals
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Shred-Tech MDS-3S-33 Shred Truck

Increasing the performance of your entire fleet is achievable through the acquisition of the MDS-3S-33 Shred Truck from Shred-Tech®. This high-quality and high-powered shredding truck is engineered by our top experts to meet your specifications and surpass your expectations. Built with a 33,000 lb. GVW chassis with a legal payload of 14,000 lbs., this is a powerful beast of a machine that lets you get more done in a day. With a larger payload, your workers can make more frequent stops at your clients’ locations while making fewer stops to unload at the facility. The shred truck is designed with maximum fuel efficiency in mind as it features an auto shutdown mechanism. Should the shredder finish the job while the operator is absent, it will dial down until the engine is completely shut down. When the operator returns, the truck and the shredder can be started back up with a push of a button located on the control panel. This can help keep the workflow going without interrupting business and without wasting fuel.

The MDS-3S-33 Shred Truck is equipped with our high-powered solid single-shaft ST-15H Shredder that is more than capable of handling multiple loads of paper. Operating with a throughput of up to 8,500 lbs. per hour, it can keep the papers shredding and the cash flowing at a much more efficient rate. Your customers will walk away completely satisfied after they have witnessed their documents reduced to illegible, unrecoverable, penny-sized scraps by our powerful shredder. Built with an emphasis on durability, the truck is engineered with an all stainless-steel frame with an FRP gel coating that helps keep the vehicle looking professional. It features LED clearance lights that are small, bright, and well protected on the top of the rail. Drivers of the MDS-3S-33 shredding truck require a CDL to operate the vehicle, so this guarantees that you are allowing only professionals behind the wheel of your investment.

Standard Accessories for the MDS-3S-33

For optimal shredding performance, the MDS-3S-33 Shred Truck from Shred-Tech® is equipped with a number of standard accessories. Each component is made by our expert engineers to help improve the overall shredding process, making the job a lot easier for your workers. Designed to outperform in this industry, this high-quality shredding truck features our powerful ST-15H Shredder, smooth auger compactor, quick-working auto unloading system, durable bin tunnel, and easy-to-use control panel. These components efficiently work together, improving the performance of the truck.

ST-15H Shredder

Our shredding truck is able to outperform in this industry thanks to its highly powerful ST-15H Shredder. This single-shaft shredder is engineered from cast aluminum for the durability needed to keep up with the constant demand of the document destruction industry. It is comprised of 36 knives that are 5/8” thick and are sharp enough to easily rip right through thick paper as if it was made of warm butter. In addition to cast-in cleaning fingers, this shredder features the new innovative bridgeless vibrating feed hopper. If the shredder doesn’t sense enough pressure, it will start vibrating the upper portion of the hopper to shift the documents right into the shredder to keep the work flowing smoothly. These vibrations are contained to just the upper portion so that the rest of the truck remains unaffected.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading

Designed for superior efficiency, this shred truck is engineered with an auger compactor and an auto unloading system that work together to ensure the maximum payload of 14,000 lbs. so that your workers are able to shred more and carry more. The twin-screwed auger compactor pushes the shredded remains of the paper into the storage compartment to keep the shredder clear. The automatic walking floor unloading system is designed to unload the shredded remains right onto the floor of the facility in under five minutes. This clears up your workers’ time spent at the facility so that they can spend more time on-route generating revenue.

Bin Tunnel

Our proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper® bin loading system is designed to make the process incredibly effortless for your workers. The system allows for easy ground or curb level loading of your 64- or 96-gallon industry standard bin containers. The bin tunnel is designed to extract out from the passenger side of the vehicle without exceeding the height of the truck. It ensures that the documents inside the bin remain protected from the wind or the rain. Offering enhanced safety, the bin tunnel eliminates the risk of the bin falling off of the lift.


Everything regarding the shredding system can be controlled from the state-of-the-art Plus+1® micro-control system that features advanced intelligence. It lets your workers operate and monitor the entire shredding process. Installed right onto the passenger side of the vehicle for easy access, the control panel features a variety of benefits, such as job timer, automatic bin counter, Gripper Tipper® control, digital gauges, and monitors for two cameras installed above the shredder and inside the payload compartment so that your customers can see the destructive power of the shredder for themselves. It also features parallel ignition, which allows you to put the truck’s key into the auxiliary position from outside of the cab. You can then start the truck remotely using the key mounted in the control panel.

Optional Accessories for the MDS-3S-33

The Shred-Tech® team of engineers offers high-quality optional accessories for the MDS-3S-33 shredding truck so you can pick and choose the features that best match your business requirements. Each component is designed to enhance the overall performance and reliability of the truck. We have a backup camera for better safety, a hard drive shredder for an additional revenue stream, and a front cart storage area for convenience, among others. Our sales team is available today to provide you with additional information on even more optional accessories and how we can help you create an ideal shredding solution that will drive your business forward for years!

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard

The backup camera with stainless-steel guard is an excellent solution to handling the MDS-3S-33 Shred Truck in congested areas. This handy camera can be easily installed to help increase the driver’s field of vision when backing up the truck, which can increase safety and security while out on the job. The camera is contained within a stainless-steel guard that protects it from weather effects and impact.

Data Destruction

By installing the powerful ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder, you can effectively destroy your clients’ data drives such that none of the information can be reconstructed or retrieved. Having this shredder installed can open another stream of revenue for your business, allowing you to gain a foothold in the growing segment of hard drive destruction in this industry. Able to destroy a hard drive in under five seconds, the fast-working shredder is self-contained with low idle operation. It has a throughput of 750 hard drives per hour and a throughput of 1,000 solid state drives per hour.

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce payload.

Front Cart Storage

The front cart storage option is an excellent choice for the MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck if your operators bring their own bins to the job site. This option adds more space to the vehicle, allowing you to easily store your 64- or 96-gallon industry standard bin containers and leftover file boxes. It also allows for passenger side access for quick and convenient use.