Cell Phone Shredding

Cell phone shredding is an excellent way to protect your private information. Phones can store and carry a lot of personal and confidential information, and one of the most reliable methods of ensuring that that information doesn’t get into the wrong hands is by completely destroying the phone using a shredder machine. It doesn’t take much for scammers, hackers, and thieves to access your phone’s sensitive data. Much of this information is stored within the phone, and methods such as factory resetting or formatting the phone have proven to not be a foolproof way to completely wipe all of that data from the phone. Industrial shredders are engineered to effectively destroy the phone and its data, making them an excellent way to protect personal information.


Cell Phone Destruction

Cell phone destruction is one of the best ways to protect your privacy. Shred-Tech®’s high-quality industrial shredders are designed by experts to provide you with the means of completely destroying your phones in order to reliably protect your confidential information. We carry several stationary shredders that are more than capable of taking a phone and tearing it apart in just a few seconds, rendering all of the data unretrievable. These shredder machines are very simple to use and offer greater strength and better shredding power. We also have our MDT-26 Shred Truck which brings the shredding strength directly to the jobsite, allowing you to destroy phones in bulky.

Cell Phone Shredder

At Shred-Tech®, we offer a variety of cell phone shredders that have both the strength and power to effectively destroy a phone. These shredder machines are engineered by our experts to work quickly and efficiently. The ST-5 data destruction shredder is one of our most versatile machines since it’s available as a mobile, stationary, or portable model. The portable plug-in model is built to ensure rapid and secure in-house destruction of phones. The stationary model is permanently installed within the facility and is electronically interlocked to ensure safe operation. The mobile model can be installed directly onto a new shred truck or can be retrofitted onto an existing truck, bringing an additional revenue stream to your shredding business. In addition to the ST-5, we also have the ST-8, which is a larger version that operates with a larger throughput, allowing you to shred larger loads. Both shredders can eat right through a phone in under five seconds, destroying whatever information is stored on the device.

Mobile Phone Shredder

The MDT-26 Shred Truck from Shred-Tech® is the ideal choice for mobile phone shredding. Not only does this shredding truck open many lucrative business opportunities for you and your company, but it also provides outstanding shredding power right at your client’s site. Your customers can witness the absolute destruction of their phones, guaranteeing them peace of mind knowing that their confidential information is completely unretrievable. In addition to this e-waste shredding truck, almost all of our other shred trucks, including our MDS-line and MDX-line, have the option of including an ST-5 shredder. This adds an extra stream of revenue for your business because it allows you to shred electronic waste, such as phones or hard drives, in addition to paper documents. This can provide your customers with a one-stop opportunity to shred all of their confidential information, whether it’s paper or electronic.