E-Waste Shredders for E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste recycling and data destruction are some of the fastest growing segments in the Information Destruction industry with the increased demand for digitization. More companies and individuals place sensitive information onto their hard drives, solid-state drives, mobile devices, and more, and more people seek the complete destruction of that information once the device’s use has run its course. With end-of-life (EOL) legislation, which dictates the physical destruction of e-waste, already in a number of countries and currently pending throughout Europe and North America, a thorough e-waste and e-data destruction method is needed. Not only that, but physical destruction is the only method by which digital information can be assuredly destroyed. That’s where Shred-Tech® comes in! We offer you the solutions necessary to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity in the market and carve a path for your business into the future. 


E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste recycling is an excellent method for personal data protection, and our selection of equipment includes both modular and custom solutions that can easily shred through not only hard drives and solid-state drives, but circuit boards, desktops, mainframe computers, mobile phones, telecommunication switching racks, medical and military equipment, and more, making it easy to destroy information and even recover materials like plastic, aluminum, copper, steel and precious metals for further processing and use. With a wide range of e-waste applications fully covered, you can be confident that there’s a dedicated solution for whichever electronic waste application or combination of applications you have. Partner up with us and we’ll help you find an e-waste shredding solution that matches both your application and business requirements.

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Mobile Hard Drive Shredder for Shred Trucks

All of Shred-Tech®’s shred trucks can be used for e-data destruction when they’re equipped with the handy ST-5 Mobile portable data destruction shredder! This shredder features a modular design that allows it to be installed on any Shred-Tech® shred truck and provides full data destruction capabilities that can bring in an additional revenue stream for your business. A speedy throughput of up to 750 hard drives per hour, or up to 1,000 solid-state drives per hour, you get a highly efficient shredder that can even be run while operating the main document shredder. Now, you can take data destruction services on the go and diversify your services to widen your customer base and drive profits for long-term success.

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Electronic Waste Shredders

Shred-Tech®’s complete line of ST and STQ stationary shredders are fully equipped to handle e-waste. Everything from computers to mobile devices, telecommunication equipment, and more can be shredded and reduced to not only destroy information, but also recover valuable materials for further processing and use. Our ST-5 shredder in particular is available in a plug-in and stationary model and allows for thorough information destruction with hard drives and solid-state drives. The ST-5 features a throughput of up to 750 hard drives per hour, or up to 1,000 solid-state drives per hour, meaning you get speedy and reliable shredding that reduces data disks to mere scraps in just 5 seconds, leaving any information completely irretrievable. Both shredding systems are also electronically interlocked for safe and trouble-free operation. Our other stationary shredders permit more items and material types for superior versatility.