Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction is one of the fastest growing segments when it comes to the information destruction industry. As more and more companies upload their confidential information onto hard drives, they are going to need a way to make sure that the information is unattainable. Only the complete, physical destruction of a data drive can ensure that all of that digital information is permanently destroyed and is rendered unretrievable. Shred-Tech® carries a variety of hard drive destruction shredders that are more than capable of effectively tearing up both hard drives and solid state drives with ease. Whether mobile, stationary, or portable, Shred-Tech® has a complete line of hard drive shredders that are engineered to suit your requirements.


Hard Drive Data Destruction

Hard drive data destruction can be easily accomplished with the help of our high-quality shredder machine. One of our most reliable and versatile hard drive shredders is the ST-5 since it’s available as either a plug-in, stationary, or mobile unit. This shredder can also be attached onto our shredding trucks in order to give your company another source of revenue. The ST-8 is also an excellent shredder that is able to effectively destroy hard drives in just a few seconds. In addition to these stationary shredders, the Shred-Tech® MDT-26 Shred Truck is engineered to destroy hard drives with superior strength and efficiency.

Industrial Shredders for Hard Drive Destruction

One of Shred-Tech®’s most versatile shredders is designed for the purpose of shredding hard drives and other types of physical data drives. The high-quality ST-5 data destruction shredder is specifically engineered to tear right through data drives so thoroughly that the information stored within them is rendered unretrievable. The plug-in model can destroy hard drives and solid state drives in under 5 seconds, effectively ensuring quick and reliable in-house destruction right anywhere within your facility thanks to its portable design. The stationary model remains where it is installed but also provides solid and reliable destruction in 5 seconds or less, and it is electronically interlocked for safe and easy operation. The mobile model can be added right onto any new Shred-Tech® shred truck, or it can be retrofitted onto an existing truck.

The ST-8 is a larger version of our ST-5 that can handle more data drives for a greater throughput. It has the reliable power to reduce small electronics and data bearing devices to a secure shred size. This type of dual chamber two-shaft shredder offers a compact size and superior performance to make it the ideal model for any shredding company.

Mobile Hard Drive Shredder

For superior hard drive destruction that takes you directly to your client’s site so that they can witness the absolute destruction of their personal and confidential information. Our specialized MDT-26 Shred Truck is engineered specifically for the destruction of hard drives, phones, and other types of e-waste. It functions utilizing the destructive power of either an ST-5 or an ST-8 shredder. Our customers can choose which shredder they want for the truck along with a number of other optional accessories. Our Shred-Tech® team is available to provide you with all the help you need to configure the truck to suit your ideal applications and requirements.

In addition to the MDT-26, nearly all of our shredding trucks, including the MDS-line and MDX-line, come with the option of installing the mobile ST-5 data destruction shredder. Because our shred trucks are mainly suitable for paper destruction, including this shredder with your truck can provide an additional revenue stream to your business. This can increase your versatility and give your clients more options. The ST-5 mobile shredder can be added onto any new Shred-Tech® truck, or it can be retrofitted onto an existing truck.