Aluminum Shredders

Aluminum shredders are not only economically efficient for recycling purposes, but it is also extremely beneficial for the environment, allowing your company to cut back on your footprint while also working together with Shred-Tech® for our Thinking Green campaign. It is an easily recyclable material that can significantly reduce cost that would otherwise be spent on producing new aluminum. Nearly every recycling and processing center relies on a dependable way to salvage the aluminum while every beverage bottling facility requires a cost efficient, clean method for the disposition of out-of-date or out-of-spec products.


Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum recycling is significantly easier with the reliable strength of our industrial shredders. Shred-Tech® has been providing solutions to suit this specific requirement for many years. All shapes and sizes of cans, plastic bottles, and aseptic packaging have been processed using our systems. Aside from beverages, aluminum also comes from buildings, appliances, sheets, profiles, extrusions, vehicles, computers, and more. Our shredding systems are designed specifically to meet the requirements of container size, throughput, material handling, facility layout, and budget when it comes to the shredding, recycling, and processing of aluminum.

Aluminum Shredder Machines

Built with an emphasis on shredding strength, our line of high-quality aluminum shredder machines is available to easily reduce pieces of aluminum into a manageable pile of scraps. Designed to fit the floor of your facility, these shredders are available in a variety of sizes, and each one is equipped with powerful knives that can easily bite right into the aluminum, no matter how thick. They function with different throughputs, ranging from light-duty of up to 1 ton per hour, to medium-duty of 1-3 tons per hour, to heavy-duty of more than 3 tons per hour. These two-shaft and four-shaft shredders are excellent options for the primary shredding of the aluminum.