Metal Recycling Shredders

Metal recycling is exceptionally easier when utilizing the high-quality strength of our metal shredder. Shred-Tech®’s high-torque industrial shredders can be found in many of the world’s largest primary and secondary metal recycling and processing facilities. When it comes to metal, our shredders are capable of tearing right through them. Shred-Tech®’s applications range from high-volume magnesium sprue and runner reduction at over 60 TPH to one of the toughest applications known, the reduction of titanium plate and sheet stock. Most of our stationary shredders can handle the light-duty and medium-duty loads while our slow-speed mobile shredders can reduce shred materials, such as baled aluminum, bailed radiators, ACSR cable, industrial, military and consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, switching gear, and more. Many industries, such as the top auto manufacturers and their tier 1 suppliers, have standardized on Shred-Tech®’s shredding equipment for their 24/7 processing demands. These shredder machines are designed to increase throughput while labor, handling, and maintenance costs decrease.


Mobile Metal Shredders

These metal shredders can accomplish effective metal shredding in bulk. Built for the pre-processing of all types of materials, the Pronar mobile shredders can tear their way through some of the toughest metals out there. These shredder machines are engineered to provide you with user-friendly controls and superior efficiency, delivering aggressive shredding power to where and when you require it the most. Their customizable shredding programs allow the operator to configure the machine to perform exactly how it should, depending on the type of material that it needs to shred. The Pronar 2.85, 2.1010, and 1.300 mobile shredders can render tough materials into a pile of scrap while demonstrating impressive throughput. What sets these shredders apart is their mobility as they can be positioned anywhere on the jobsite, increasing your versatility while on the job. Instead of bringing the pile of metals to the machine, you can bring the machine to the pile of metals, cutting down on time and labor.

Industrial Metal Shredder Machines

A metal shredder from Shred-Tech® is the most efficient way to prepare for metal recycling! Our high-powered industrial metal shredder machines are equipped with sharp and thick knives that can bite right through some tough metals. They can easily eat their way through the thick material until there’s nothing but scraps left behind. Providing you with a significant increase in throughput, our ST and STQ lines of stationary shredders range from a light-duty throughput of up to 1 ton per hour, a medium-duty throughput of up to 1-3 tons per hour, and a heavy-duty throughput of more than 3 tons per hour.