MSW Shredders

An MSW shredder from Shred-Tech® can dispose of a wide variety of municipal waste and reduce it for simple recycling. When it comes to shredding and processing municipal solid waste (MSW), you know that nothing can beat the power of a Shred-Tech® shredder machine. Each of our shredding systems is designed to meet regulatory, safety, and material handling requirements for your business. Shred-Tech® engineers are experienced at designing turnkey solutions to each unique waste handling and processing challenge. Additionally, Shred-Tech® is the exclusive distributor of Pronar single and dual shaft slow speed shredders that can process municipal solid waste at a rate of approximately 80 tons per hour! From Shred-Tech®’s versatile line up of shredding equipment, a shredding and recycling solution can be engineered to meet the specific application requirements. Options such as automated material handling, nitrogen blanketing, explosion proofing, sterilization systems, and screening equipment can then be selected and matched to the application insuring a complete 100% solution to the waste-processing problem.


Mobile Shredder for Municipal Waste Disposal

Our line of Pronar mobile shredders is essential for maintaining landfills below capacity. Municipal solid waste refers to the processing of many different materials, including construction, industrial, and household waste. Because of this, you are going to want an aggressive shredder machine that has the versatility and the durability to handle bulky loads of various materials constantly throughout the work day. That’s exactly what you can expect from our Pronar slow-speed shredders. These high-powered industrial shredders are designed to tear through the toughest materials in order to prepare them for further processing and recycling. They have the ability to reduce waste volume by as much as 75% and provide a throughput of up to 40-80 tons of municipal solid waste per hour.

MSW Shredder Machine

Designed for primary shredding, the line of Shred-Tech® stationary shredders is ideal for turning municipal solid waste into scrap for easier handling. These high-quality shredder machines can be used for the destruction of a variety of materials. The dual-shaft and four-shaft shredders have the much-needed power to render some of the thicker materials into sizable scraps. Not only do they provide you with higher torque, but they work efficiently while offering either a light-duty throughput of up to 1 ton per hour, a medium-duty throughput of 1 to 3 tons per hour, or a heavy-duty throughput of more than 3 tons per hour. This allows you to shred much more effectively without wasting any time or labor.