Textile Shredders for Textile Recycling

Textile shredders for textile recycling and carpet recycling from Shred-Tech® provide unrelenting strength and reliability. Textiles can be found in carpet as well as clothing, bedding, blankets, curtains, tablecloths, and so much more, so there is a lot of waste that can be recycled. These types of materials often fill our landfills up, wasting resources and creating a negative impact on the environment. Recycling textiles and carpets not only can reduce global warming, and it can let them be processed into new materials for reuse. Textiles can be repurposed into many different uses, including new textile materials, filling material for insulation, or recycling into paper. Besides recycling, shredding textiles is also done to protect intellectual property against counterfeit items, prototypes, out-of-date stock, and more.


Textile Recycling & Carpet Recycling

Shred-Tech® understands the importance of textile recycling and carpet recycling, so our high-powered industrial shredder machines are engineered to provide you with the strength to fully and effectively shred those materials down. Each of the shredders that we have available is more than capable of handling the load. These machines offer optimized shred size, throughput, handling, and more with minimal effort on your end. From stationary shredders that are suited for plant-based shredding applications to slow-speed mobile shredders for handling the materials in bulk, Shred-Tech® can provide you with the right type of machine that suits your company’s requirements.

Textile Shredder

The textile shredders that we have available are capable of shredding through thick loads of textiles and carpets. Our ST dual-shaft shredders as well as our STQ four-shaft shredders are equipped with solidly durable knives that can tear right through the material and reduce them to the right shred size needed for further processing.