Wood Shredders for Wood Recycling

Wood recycling can be significantly easier and more manageable with the help of our effective wood shredder. Wood is an extremely useful material that can be found practically everywhere, but it is not the longest lasting so when the time comes it needs to be properly recycled and processed. When that time does come around, you can trust the reliable strength of Shred-Tech®’s industrial shredding systems. From wooden furniture to logs and planks, our heavy-duty shredders can easily tear through the thick material and reduce them into much more manageable scraps for further processing and recycling. Once deposited into the machine, the wooden material is shredded down into smaller pieces that can then be further grinded down into wood powder that can be recycled for other uses.


Wood Recycling

Wood recycling begins with wood shredding! Shred-Tech® carries an assortment of industrial shredders that have the much-needed strength to tear through material that is as thick as wood. These shredders can handle a variety of shapes and sizes, from robust and bulky to long and thin. Our Pronar mobile shredders are best used for handling wood waste in bulky, usually in landfills. Their large girth and mobility make them the right choice for the primary shredding of wood waste. We also have our dual-shaft ST and four-shaft STQ stationary shredders for work on site at a facility.

Mobile Wood Shredder

A good wood shredder is needed to get the job done, and we have an entire line of mobile wood shredders. Wood waste can pile up within landfills and rot, which can lead to many other problems down the line. For preliminary shredding, our line of Pronar mobile shredders is the ideal solution to reducing the amount of wood within the landfill. These aggressive shredder machines are built to deliver superior shredding capabilities, especially for large-scale operations. They can easily reduce waste volume by as much as 75% while consuming less time and labor. Their openings are large enough to accommodate wood of many different shapes and sizes, even in bulk. The shredders are mobile so that they can be transported right to where the pile of material is instead of wasting time bringing the materials to the shredder. When it comes to shredding wood waste, the Pronar 2.85 features a throughput of 35 tons per hour, the Pronar 2.1010 has a throughput of 100 tons per hour, and the Pronar 1.300 works with a throughput of 120 tons per hour.

Wood Shredder Machine

When it comes to shredding thick wood products within your facility, you can never go wrong with any of the high-quality and powerful Shred-Tech® wood shredder machines that we have available. Our extensive line of shredder machines is designed to work on several types of materials, including wood waste. They are equipped with highly durable and sharp knives that can penetrate deep into the wood and bite their way through, shredding the material down into a much more manageable, sizable scrap. For handling wood materials, the ST-50, ST-75, ST-100, ST-300, and ST-400 dual-shaft stationary shredders are the right choice for the job. Our STQ line of four-shaft shredders can also easily handle the job.