Alkaline Battery Disposal Shredders

Alkaline battery disposal and recycling is crucial for the environment. Alkaline batteries remain some of the most common batteries found in electronic devices today thanks to their long lifespan and superior energy density, and so a proper shredding solution is required to help prepare them for the recycling process. Most users of alkaline batteries are in North America and Europe, however a growing trend in alkaline battery usage currently exists all over the world, especially in Latin American, the Asian Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. With so many alkaline batteries being used and rising in usage, it becomes ever important to shred batteries so they can be recycled without issue.


Alkaline Battery Recycling

Shredding alkaline batteries comes with a number of benefits that aid the recycling process, the most important being the retrieval of heavy metals. By reducing alkaline batteries down to a fine scrap size, their metals can be more easily recovered and thus more easily processed and reused. This is perfect for adding value and generating revenue, but it’s equally as important for the environment. By retrieving the zinc and magnesium dioxide from alkaline batteries, ground and water sources are protected. Once these heavy metals enter a ground or water source, they can quickly cause significant contamination and cause harm to societies and ecosystems alike.

How to Dispose of Alkaline Batteries with Shredders

Shred-Tech® offers a wide range of alkaline battery shredder machines that can give you the tools you need to safely dispose of alkaline batteries and help you drive revenue for your business. Alkaline batteries don’t require a sealed or submerged setting to promote safe shredding, so we offer a broader selection of specific models from our ST and STQ series of stationary shredders. Choosing one of our select ST or STQ models gives you a sturdy shredding foundation with powerful motors, durable construction, and a modular design. These features provide plenty of power for shredding through high volumes of alkaline batteries, all while supporting long-term, cost-effective operation, and permitting quick and easy maintenance and repairs. If you’re looking for a more versatile battery shredding solution, then go with our powerful Aqueous shredder; this shredder does feature a completely sealed chamber that submerges lithium-ion and electric vehicle batteries when shredding to prevent fires that may occur from the oxidation of lithium. By choosing Shred-Tech alkaline shredder machines, you choose efficiency and the ability to easily retrieve valuable materials while protecting our ecosystems from contamination via heavy metals.