Commercial Paper Shredders

Commercial paper shredders and industrial paper shred trucks offer incredibly lucrative business opportunities. Shred-Tech® designs and manufactures a variety of paper-shredding systems that are capable of shred rates of up to 15 tons per hour. High-torque shear shredding technology ensures a high security particle size for confidential document destruction. Shred-Tech®’s paper shredding systems are rugged, reliable, highly efficient, and backed by Shred-Tech®’s world famous service and support.


Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder

Our heavy-duty paper shredders accomplish more than you expect. Other features and benefits of Shred-Tech®’s advanced shredding technology include:

  • Low noise and dust generation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Auto-reversing when engaging unshreddables
  • High security shred size
  • The ability to destroy non-paper materials such as CDs, videos, uniforms and computer hardware
  • Bulk loading capabilities
  • Shred-Tech® offers complete solutions for paper shredding and recycling, including Mobile Collection, Mobile Shredding, Stationary Shredding, and Mobile Shredding Trucks.

    Secure Document Destruction

    When it comes to destroying your client’s confidential documentation, the more secure the shredding is, the more confidence your client will have in you and your company’s ability to protect their important information. Providing your customers with greater peace of mind is what draws them back to you time and time again. In order to give them that certainty, you can offer them the secure document destruction capabilities that Shred-Tech® has available. Our shredders are designed to completely destroy whatever enters them, and that includes important documents. These high-quality shredder machines can easily rip right through loads of documents until they are nothing but a heap of unreadable, unrepairable pieces of paper.

    Built with an emphasis on high-security, our revolutionary MDX mobile shredding units are the ideal solution to secure document destruction. These shredder machines are specifically designed to provide optimal security when shredding your client’s documents. They feature a dual mode system that switches to high-security mode that produces a tiny shred size, rendering the documents completely illegible. Our MDS-line of mobile shredding units can also provide superior destruction to confidential information, allowing you to travel right to the client where they can witness the destruction of the documents for themselves. For shredding at the facility, our stationary shredders are more than capable of completely shredding through loads and loads of documents in just a matter of seconds.

    Paper Shredding Trucks

    A shred truck for paper shredding is the right choice to get you to your company’s goal quickly and efficiently. Document destruction is the ideal way to generate revenue. Whether you are a start-up company ready to hit the market or a well-established veteran of the industry, you know that the key to earning your client’s trust is to prove to them that you have the full destructive power to completely eradicate their confidential information right in front of them. That’s exactly what you can do with Shred-Tech®’s high-powered Mobile Shred Trucks that we have available. Both of our MDS-Line and MDX-Line are engineered by our top experts to help you out-perform your competitors in this market. Each truck is equipped with a high-quality shredder that produces optimal shredding capability, eating through stacks of documents until they are a pile of unreadable scraps. These trucks are available with a 26,000 lb., 33,000 lb., or 58,000 lb. chassis GVW with legal payloads ranging from 7,500 lbs. to 20,000 lbs., which gives you plenty of options to choose which mobile shredding truck is the ideal choice to suit your company’s applications.

    When it comes to protecting your clients’ documents, nothing can beat the ultra-high security, performance, and payload of our patent pending MDX mobile shredding units that feature our revolutionary dual mode systems. With just a simple push of a button, these trucks can switch between standard mode and high-security mode. While in standard mode, the ST-15H shredder achieves up to 6,500 lbs. per hour of throughput, offering superior speed and shredding power. However, activating high-security mode produces an incredibly small DIN-certified shred size, ensuring that whatever document enters the machine is completely and securely destroyed. The MDX-line does not rely on screens or moving additional shredders in and out of position, making the system much more reliable and user-friendly.

    Collection Trucks for Paper

    Mobile collection trucks are an excellent way to visit each client’s site, gather all of the confidential documents that they need destroyed, and transport them right the plant-based shredder located at the facility. These trucks work in tandem with the stationary shredders in order to effectively destroy paper and documents by the loads. We understand that time is essential in this business, so our Lockbox Series and Select Series Collection Trucks are designed to quickly and efficiently load the paper right into the truck, a process that usually takes less than a minute. Once at the dumping site, the entire unloading process takes only about 4-5 minutes, which means you spend less time waiting around and more time on the road.

    Mobile Paper Shredding

    Mobile paper shredding is an excellent way to handle paper in bulk. The collection of Pronar Mobile Shredders that we have available is the ideal way to eliminate large stacks of paper. These heavy-duty shredder machines are more than capable of rendering the thick and bulky paper loads into a pile of shreds that can then be used for recycling and processing. Our mobile shredders are designed with the power to make short work of the industrial side of pre-processing this material. Their main benefit is their ability to easily move around the site, allowing you to bring them right next to the pile of paper and start shredding from there. This maneuverability can save both time and labor.

    Industrial Paper Shredder

    Shred-Tech® offers the most powerful and dependable industrial paper shredders that are designed to handle excessive amounts of paper. These high-quality shredder machines are built to ensure that whatever touches their blades is reduced to indiscernible scraps. They are essential when it comes to destroying your customers’ documents in order to protect their confidentiality. We carry a wide variety of stationary shredders that each have the strength required to take care of the job. Any of our ST Series or STQ Series shredders can rip right through those thick stacks of paper with ease.