Nickel Cadmium Battery Recycling Shredders

Nickel cadmium battery recycling and disposal are possible and much easier once the batteries are put through a shredder! Nickel cadmium batteries are a popular rechargeable battery that makes use of electrodes made from metallic cadmium and nickel oxide hydroxide, as well other important chemicals and a protective, reversible safety valve to provide long-lasting, rechargeable power while keeping the battery intact for a long time. Popular for use with everything from portable computers to drills, camcorders, and a wide range of other small electronic devices, nickel cadmium batteries ensure an even power discharge with a dependable lifespan. Because of their electrochemical makeup, nickel cadmium batteries should be shredded before being put through the recycling process to more easily recover metals and protect the environment.


Benefits of Shredding Nickel Cadmium Batteries for Recycling

A number of benefits exist for shredding nickel cadmium batteries to prepare them for recycling. Firstly, protecting and maintaining the health of our environment is a great benefit, since nickel cadmium batteries contain harmful chemicals, especially heavy metals. If the battery is simply tossed into a landfill or into the ocean, the metals of both nickel and cadmium can seep into ground and water sources and cause significant damage to both our societies and ecosystems. Shredding a nickel cadmium battery before recycling allows these metals to be more easily retrieved. In fact, another benefit to shredding these batteries is that the metals can be more easily recovered, recycled, and reused in other products. This allows recyclers to more easily generate more revenue and cost-effectively produce more products—including batteries—to keep up with demand. Thus, using a shredder to aid the recycling process of nickel cadmium batteries is a win-win!

Nickel Cadmium Battery Disposal

In order to help properly prepare nickel cadmium batteries for recycling, Shred-Tech® offers a select range of our industrial stationary shredder machines. Since nickel cadmium batteries don’t require a sealed chamber or submerged setting to safely be shredded, our select models of ST and STQ shredders are perfect to get the job done. These stationary shredders boast super-sharp steel cutting knives with the highest knife tip cutting force of any shredders on the market thanks to high-power, high-efficiency motors and durable hex shafts. Not only that, but our stationary battery shredders even feature a handy modular design, meaning that components can be easily removed and reinstalled, making maintenance and repairs a breeze and keeping costs to a minimum. Long-lasting and cost-effective, these shredders are an excellent pick for businesses looking for a dependable solution for shredding nickel cadmium batteries. If, however, you require a solution that can handle many different types of batteries, especially lithium-ion and electric vehicle batteries, then we suggest you choose our powerful Aqueous Shredder. This shredder features a completely sealed chamber that is filled with a brine solution to submerge and deactivate the cells of lithium-ion and electric vehicle batteries. Once submerged, oxidation of lithium is prevented, which further prevents fires and makes the shredding process completely safe for these battery types. By using Shred-Tech® nickel cadmium battery shredders, you can recover valuable metals and protect the environment, all while driving your business towards long-lasting success!